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  My husband Jimmie has been a master model maker and silversmith for over 50 years in the jewelry business.   About 20 years ago after loosing his job to a computer system he decided to start his own jewelry business.   Since he loves to fish and was in the navy he decided to make fishing and nautical jewelry.  He has made some different items also, such as his western pieces.

  Everything is handmade and sterling silver. He makes his own masters which he carves out of wax and some have to be hand constructed out of metal which is his specialty.  He makes all of his own molds and does all of his casting himself.  Many of his pieces have movable parts.  He has been seen on Texas Country Reporter.

  We do several shows, most of them in the Rockport, Texas area.  Our shows are posted on show schedules at the top of the page. Come see us if you get a chance.

  He is venturing out and making some unique pieces.  He plans to do some turquoise pieces and will be cutting all his own stones he uses.  Please come back and see

his new pieces.  Thank you,  Jimmie and Linda




a jimmie working at his bench 1 - 1.jpeg

  Jimmie working at his bench.

a jimmie working at his bench 2 - 1.jpeg

Jimmie working at his bench.


Jimmie at one of his shows

Jimmie and Linda with their great catch.

Jimmie having fun fishing.

a jimmie working at his bench 3 - 1.jpeg

 One of Jimmies Models he's working on.

a jimmie working at his bench 3 - 3.jpeg

These are some of Jimmies Master Models .

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