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These are some pictures of Jimmie going thru the different processes of making his jewelry.

The first step to make a piece of jewelry is carving the wax for the piece.  Once he carves or hand constructs his piece he will cast that piece and makes a mold of it.  Then he shoots the waxes, he will do several at a time.  I have showed Jimmie at his wax pot shooting up his waxes and how they look once he does this.  I have also showed you a picture of the waxes he is working on in these pictures.  The next step is spruing the waxes to what is called a tree.  He uses a hot pin to do this.  He sprues several pieces to one tree.  There is a close up photo of what the tree looks like.  Next he will cast the pieces. I have added some new slides showing you Jimmie cleaning up the small anchor bracelets.  You can see how he has to clean each piece individually.  As he cleans the pieces he clasps them together.  The next step will be sodering them together. 

I've added some photos of Jimmie sodering the pieces to the small anchor chain bracelet together.  Then they will be polished.  Once they are polished the final step is putting a clasp on.  Then the piece is all finished.

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